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I’m  Dylan Roberts and photography 
is what I love to do.
I’m a photographer of rollicking times & portraits of extraordinary people. I feel I’ve only scratched the surface and am eager to dig much deeper and collaborate!

“Glitter beard!”

For the better part of a decade I’ve had the fortune to explore image making through a variety of documentary and portraiture.

I’ve worked documenting festivals such as the Isle of Wight, X Music and Latitude getting the opportunity to photograph some amazing artists up close, both on the stage and off. Capturing some truly memorable scenes, and working with some amazing friends.

My portraiture is currently on a course for something truly different to my previous work, and is something that will take me back to some of my favoured work from university.

Throughout all of this, I’ve seen some truly amazing places, worked with the best of people, and cannot give enough appreciation to the communities and countries near and far that are so welcoming and always have something new to discover.


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